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Salon Policies

Lateness, short notice cancellations and no shows have a hugely negative impact on the salon, client experience and our morale. 

We appreciate some situations are unavoidable and can occur with no notice and we will be understanding and sympathetic in certain circumstances. We always aim to keep cancellation fees as low as possible. 

Please be kind enough to provide us with 48 hours' notice for cancelling or rescheduling appointments. You can contact us at the salon or leave a message on the answer phone, email us at or you can send a message through our social media pages. 

Online appointments made through our booking system are chargeable outside of the 48hrs cancellation policy at the following rates:
•    48hrs+ notice: no charge
•    24-48hrs notice: 50% charge
•    Less than 24hrs or no show: 100% charge

If we manage to fill the appointment, we will appropriately adjust any cancellation fee.

All clients are given the opportunity to provide us with an email address and mobile number when booking and our system sends automatic appointment reminders and tracks their delivery. You are also able to confirm, reschedule or cancel appointments made via online booking system within our 48hr cancellation notice period.

Client Lateness
If you are running late, please be kind enough to notify us as soon as possible so we can plan your treatment accordingly and avoid unnecessary cancellation fees. This may involve reducing your treatment time which may mean your treatment is subject to change or we may rearrange your treatment to a different time on the same day if we have availability to do so. If your treatment time is cut short due to your lateness, or we can no longer complete all the treatments you originally booked, you will still be charged the full treatment booking amount. 


Repeat offenders
If you have cancelled outwith the 48hrs cancellation policy, or not shown at more than 2 appointments, this may result in refusal of future bookings or future appointments may require full payment at time of booking. 


Patch tests
Please note that you must book a patch test at least 24 hours prior to treatment if:
•    this is your first tint or browsculpt treatment at The Beauty Queen since 26 April 2021 (lockdown)
•    you have had a change in medical history, COVID-19 or the vaccine since your last tint/browsculpt treatment/patch test
•    you haven't had this treatment at The Beauty Queen in the past 6 months.
This industry-wide legislation has been introduced following COVID-19, is mandatory and is for your safety. It is your responsibility to check and book your patch test if required. If you do not have a valid patch test 24 hours before your appointment time you will be charged 100% of the treatment cost as we will be unable to do it. 

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